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This portal provides access to information related to the meaning, use, and interpretation of ASC X12 Standards, Guidelines, and Technical Reports, including Technical Report Type 3 (TR3) implementation guidelines. The information is available in the form of responses to questions submitted by implementers of the ASC X12 products.

This portal is not a mechanism for requesting modifications to the ASC X12 Standards, Guidelines, or Technical Reports. Requests for such modifications should be submitted via one of the following tools:

To facilitate compete and accurate responses, submitters must review the published ASC X12 product and provide detailed information related to the question, including the exact product(s) referenced, page numbers and details of the business scenario surrounding the question. The submitter may be asked to provide additional information during the response development process. Each RFI is limited to one question, or one set of questions about a single point of reference.
The portal is available to the general public for searching the RFI database without registering. You must register to use the Portal beyond searching the database for RFIs. Click Register to begin the process.

Step One in registering is to select a User ID and a Password. Both must be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20 characters. If you enter an already existing user ID, you will receive a notice that the ID is in use and are prompted to return to the Step One. Select another User ID and Password. When you have successfully done so, complete Step Two.

Step Two requests some demographic information. This information may be needed to contact you about your requests, if additional details are needed, or to notify you of the status of your RFI. The information is not publically available or used for any other purpose. Without valid information, you can't be contacted.

After entering the information, select the "Complete Registration" button.  You will receive a confirmation message that your registration was successful. You are now able to login with your chosen User ID and Password. 
The Login page prompts for User ID and Password. Following a successful login, the "My Interpretations" page displays. Additional help concerning this page follows.
Request For Interpretation
Select Informal or Formal
Additional information about this required selection is on the initial request page.

Assign a Title to your Request
This required field is 30 characters long. Provide a descriptive title for reference

Describe the Issue
This required field is 1,024 characters long. Explain the problem with some detail. This description does not include details about the location of the material in a TR3 or ASC X12 Standard. That information is entered later on the Primary and Secondary Reference pages.

Prior Related RFIs
This optional field is 25 characters long. Enter any other RFI numbers that are related to the RFI you are submitting. These related RFIs would have been found during your search of the database for prior questions and answers related to your question. This information assists the responders in fully understanding your question and its context.

Assign Keywords
This optional field is 80 characters long. Assign any keywords that will assist other users as they search the RFI database.

Enter a Primary Reference
This is required information that you enter after clicking the "Enter a Primary Reference" button. When you click the button, the information on the initial page is saved and the Primary Reference page is displayed. Help for each field can be displayed as a pop-up on the page. After entering the required fields, you click either the "Complete this Request" button or the "Enter a Secondary Reference" button. Upon completing your request, a confirmation page displays.
My Interpretations
You can review the Interpretation Requests you've entered by clicking on My Interpretations. My Interpretations is the default entry point after login and is also accessible by button from most other locations. This will bring up your list of interpretation requests. If you click on the RFI #, the detail of the selected RFI displays.

You may also view the Primary and/or Secondary References entered by clicking on the appropriate text.

Note Any listed response is only complete and final when the Status reads:
RFIs that cannot be answered by ASC X12 may have a status of :
Whenever that happens, you, as the requestor, are notified by e-mail with the reasons and any other necessary details.   
The Search link opens the ASC X12 RFI Browser.
After logging in, a "Profile" option is available. Be sure to keep your demographic information up to date. Without up-to-date information, you can't be notified when your question has been answered.
What to
After you've entered your request, a screener reviews the request for any
information that may still be needed. If no additional information is needed from you, the screener determines and initiates an appropriate course of action.

After a solution and/or answer has been determined, a draft response is posted to the site. The draft response goes through a review and approval process. You are notified via e-mail by the screener when the response is approved.

Following complete approval, the response is posted to the site for public viewing. Response time varies based on the complexity of the request. The average response time for RFIs is approximately 2 1/2 months. Formal RFIs generally take longer than Informal RFIs.

The process is detailed and those responding to RFIs do their best to provide a swift, accurate, and concise interpretation. However, please be patient. ASC X12 wants to make sure the solutions to these requests are thorough and appreciates your time and commitment to improving the TR3s and ASC X12 Standards, making them more useful and effective.